Meeting Minutes 4th September 2017

posted Monday 11th September 2017 at 12:44 by Alice Kendall

Northam Neighbourhood Plan – Draft Minutes of Steering Group Meeting held 4th September 2017

Chair – Cllr Chris Leather

Present: Josie Emberton, Roger Levick, Angie Whittaker, Peter Hames, Hugh Brading, Jane Mills and Maria Bailey.

Apologies: Mike Durkin


Chairman’s Welcome

The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were made around the room.


Steering Group Membership

Discussions centred on steering group membership.

One Councillor Representative for each ward;

·        Mike Durkin – Westward Ho!

·        Chris Leather – Orchard Hill

·        Peter Hames – Appledore

·        Hugh Brading – Northam

Josie Emberton and Angie Whittaker (Appledore Residents Association representative)

Roger Levick (Northam representative)

No Westward Ho! Residents – AGM being held 29th September after which representatives will be nominated.

Peter Jefferies (Orchard Hill representative)

Two representatives from the business community are still needed (Contact to be made with Babcock and Westward Ho! Business Association).

Leaflet & Advertising

Concerns were raised that the Link magazine which contains the initial consultation leaflet was not being distributed in Appledore. Appledore Residents Association to check.

Alice at North Town Council posted an update on Facebook announcing the launch of the website and encouraged followers that the initial consultation leaflet can be completed digitally also.

It was agreed that a representative from Maria Bailey Planning (The planning consultant) would collect all physical copies of the initial consultation leaflet responses every Friday for the duration of the initial consultation period. It was also agreed that a representative from Maria Bailey Planning would produce and circulate via email a weekly report to all steering group members on the progress of the initial consultation leaflet.

It was suggested that as part of the initial consultation a number of public events should be held to encourage more people to complete the initial consultation questionnaire. The following venues were suggested as potential event spaces;

·        The Seagate,

·        Northam Library,

·        Instow/Appledore Ferry

·        Westward Ho! Co-Op,

·        Northam Square.


In regards to the minutes for the steering group meetings it was agreed that once the minutes have been approved by the Town Clerk and Chair the minutes will be emailed to all members and a copy would be published on the Northam Neighbourhood Plan Website.

Date of Next Meeting

Monday 23rd October at 7pm was agreed as the date for the next steering group meeting.


No other business was brought to attention.