Steering Group Minutes 6th November 2017

posted Thursday 16th November 2017 at 14:22 by Alice Kendall

Northam Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting

Monday 6 November 2017, 7pm



1.             Introductions

Introductions were made, special welcome to Phil Hodson, representing Westward Ho! Residents Association.


Those present: Cllr Chris Leather (Chair), Jane Mills (Clerk), Cllr Ken Davis, Peter Jeffrey, Peter Sawyer, Josie Emberton, Cllr Peter Hames, Cllr Mike Durkin, Graham Ash, Angie Whitaker, Phil Hodson, Jo Johnson (Maria Bailey Planning Ltd).


Apologies were received by  Roger Levick, Cllr Hugh Brading, Maria Bailey


2.             Minutes

The minutes dated 23 October 2017, were agreed to be a true and accurate record.


3.             Final Revised Feedback Form and Organisations to be Targeted

Cllr Leather gave an overview of progress to date, explaining that because of the poor response, a further survey leaflet was needed, targeted at the 17-54age group


Cllr Durkin circulated a document where weighting had been applied to consider second and third choices. He was thanked by the Chair for carrying out this piece of work, and it was suggested that further analysis should be carried out after the second round of surveys had been received.


After discussion, it was decided that the two-sided document would be better. It was agreed that the document should be a ‘Survey’ and not a ‘Questionnaire’.


Front Cover

To be a design, similar to the one AW suggested, in vibrant colours (not orange and black), to attract attention and urgency. AW agreed to forward design and image location to MBP. It was agreed to get a QR code linking to the website, and for this to be included. PS agreed to get this and forward to MBP. The NP logo and the Town Council crest would also appear within the ‘cogs’. Emphasis should be made to ‘your future, your plan’ as it was felt that this needed to be pushed


Page 2

It was agreed to move the question boxes and to have the address and age questions last. As such, the ‘areas most important’ would be on page 2. This would take the whole of the page, adding a new category ‘Technology and Renewable Energy’. It was also agreed that there should be a comment line underneath each heading for those to make specific comments on any of the areas.



Page 3

To have ‘home address’, ‘age’, and ‘other comments’ boxes.


Page 4

It was agreed to leave the explanatory words, however Josie offered to reword some of the paragraphs, to emphasise why the plan is important, and why residents need to return the survey. JJ to send JE the document, and JE to return.


Add: hand in to your school/club or Town Council etc as before.


It was also agreed that the front cover with the words from the back cover added at the bottom, could be used as posters to be distributed around leaflet areas and displayed in shop windows and notice boards.


It was agreed that the front cover should be designed by professionals to maximise the impact. JM agreed to get prices from North Devon Print/Matrix Print.


It was agreed that no end date should be added, so that the survey can be used until sufficient number have been received.


The boxes for return surveys had worked well. JM to identify the location of the boxes and enquire about making more for other venues.



Organisations to be targeted


The Steering Group considered the list of suggested groups. The Steering Group agreed to take leaflets to local clubs and give a brief talk to explain the Plan, or to take to the street with a clip board and talk to local residents. JM agreed to put together ID cards for those taking the surveys to the streets.


MBP to amend the list showing: those groups that would be emailed; groups that could be visited and who by and those that needed to be removed. There were also additions from the email sent by AW that need to be added to the list.


Where several groups meet at one location, ie St Mary’s Hall, or Kingsley Hall, it was suggested that those organisations should be emailed directly, and one box and a number of surveys be left at the location.


It was agreed that the poster could be used as an advert to appear in the North Devon Gazette.


4.             Next Stages

Not everyone was able to receive all the documents that were sent out prior to the meeting. This is mainly due to one document being sent from Publisher. In future, all documents should be sent as word or PDF.


MBP to draft the survey and to circulate the revised document to the Steering Group in one of the approved formats.


It was suggested that 4k copies of the new survey be printed, which could be collected from the Town Council Offices for those taking to local clubs/organisations.



5.             AOB

The timetable was brought to the Steering Group’s attention.

Regarding Neighbourhood Plan training, JM confirmed that there was training at a cost in London, however there didn’t seem to be anything local. Further investigation will be carried out by JM and MBP.


6.             Next Meeting

Scheduled for Monday 4 December at 7pm at Northam Town Council Offices. JM has given apologies, but will ensure the building will be open.


The meeting ended at 8.30pm